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"Tribute To ZEKE" 1995-2008
(Hank X Tess)

Zeke is the dog that really got me interested in working and trialing dogs. He was the "All Around" dog, the best I have ever had. He won numerous cattledog trials including the prestigious 2002 Red River Cattledog Classic that paid a whopping $10,000. purse competing with 60 of the top dogs and handlers in the nation. There was never a job too big or too little for Zeke. He could handle the toughest Momma cow or would even use his nose to push a baby goat to the pen. He is and will always be missed. He was one of the first of the "Hank" lines and we will continue with this breeding for years to come.

This is one of our pastimes when I am not working dogs. The horses, Waylon and Willie pulled a wagon load in our little hometown Christmas parade here in Westbrook. We had perfect weather that day and everyone had a wonderful time.
This is my little "git around wagon", and this horse is Annie. She loves pulling the wagons, and she stays completely calm ready to do anything you want her to do.
This was the Colorado City Christmas parade. We took the top of the Surrey off, so the kids could see Santa.....I chauffered Judy and Santa from one end of town to the other.....Annie strutted and stayed in perfect line with all the other floats, buggies and fire department trucks....