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Beasley Border Collies
Beasley Border Collies
Westbrook, Texas 325-728-0334
Welcome to my  website. I'm Kenneth Beasley and have been raising and training border collie cattledogs for the past 20 years.I started using dogs in 1994 to work and gather cattle. I was amazed at how easy the dogs made my cattle work.I went to my first cattledog trial in 1998 and was immediately hooked on the thrill of the competition and am still trialing today. My goal is to raise and train Border Collie cattledogs that are biddable, athletic, confident, and powerful enough to work fresh cattle in a confident and effecient manner. Going to cattledog trials has been an adventure for me and my wife "Judy". It has allowed us to meet a lot of good folks and have a lot of fun.
Stop'em In Their Tracks! Need A Cow Dog? Call Us.

Kenneth and Judy Beasley
 P.O. Box 129
Westbrook, Texas 79565
Cell 325-728-0334 
Home 325-644-5279

My dogs in ACTION.....
Ice won 9 Buckles in 2016
Jake won 8 Buckles in 2016
Ice won 9 Buckles in 2016